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Water Heaters

Heating your water with an electric water heater is simple and efficient. Marathon water heaters are non-metallic tanks which means your water heater will NEVER rust out. The Marathon has at least two inches of polyurethane foam insulation around the entire tank - top, bottom, and sides!

An electric Marathon water heater offers many advantages over propane or natural-gas units. First of all, the water heater is made from polybutylene. The tank will never rust out and will look good even in a damp environment. The water heater is bowl-shaped on the bottom to permit complete drainage of scale and sediment.

An electric water heater is simple to install because it requires no gas piping or chimney. Lyon-Lincoln offers incentive rates to make electric water heating your safest, most efficient water heating source. Marathon water heaters come in various sizes and capacities to meet your every need.

Marathon Water Heater

  • $6.00/gallon Marathon Lifetime Warranty Units
  • $493 cost plus tax to purchase a 105 Gallon Marathon Water Heater after rebates.
  • $250 cost of Marathon for new construction or fossil fuel conversion for 50 gallon model, $325 for 85 gallon model and $375 for 105 gallon model.
  • Must Qualify for Load Control in order to be eligible for rebates
  • Residential - lifetime on tank with registration or 10 years on tank, six years on parts and labor.
  • C & I Accounts - five year warranty on tank, five years on parts and labor.
  • Dairy Barns - five year warranty on tank, three years on parts and labor.
  • Warranties are non-transferrable



105 Gallons

85 Gallons

50 Gallons


70 3/4"

 70 1/4"

 62 3/4"


30 1/4"

28 1/4"

23 1/2"

Cost Without Tax:

$1,323.04 $1,211.70 $970.29
Discounted Price for Members $1,123.00 $1,011.50 $769.50

Lyon-Lincoln Rebate:




East River Rebate:




Total After Rebate:





Varies By County
New Home or Conversion $375.00 $325.00 $250.00
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